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Corporate Due Diligence

When corporations engage in business ventures or invest assets, their greatest risk comes from a lack of information, and the larger the venture the greater the risk. Our experienced professionals can minimize your exposure by providing specific information regarding geographic and political analysis, personality profiles, and other factors that will affect your transactions in unfamiliar environments.


Competitive Intelligence

In a highly competitive global market, corporations must
continually seek advantage. Access to the right information and ground truth is the key to gaining that advantage. We provide the industry specific analysis to give you the edge you seek.

Asset and Personnel Protection

Global transactions of a corporate and personal nature do not always transpire as planned. When assets are missing or personnel find themselves in dynamic or unfamiliar environments, supporting them is our priority.  When transactions breakdown, locating assets around the world is often futile. Omnipresent Solutions Inc. has an established record of protecting assets and assisting personnel worldwide.

Vulnerability Assessments

Knowing your vulnerabilities will help you prevent their exploitation.  Thinking like an adaptive adversary, we will analyze your facility, schedule, route, routine or corporate footprint to discover your vulnerabilities before real adversaries do. 

Travel Advisory Services - Know Before You Go

Security situations around the world are fluid, and gaining an accurate risk analysis of a specific geographic location can be difficult. As corporate or personal travel is planned for a specific location, it is important to have a complete profile of the risks and associated strategies to minimize those risks. Our team will assemble a comprehensive risk profile before you travel, including considerations for your accommodations, itinerary, and meetings. We also provide intensive training and education on what to do if a worst case scenario develops during your trip.

A Global Network


OmniPresent Solutions, Inc. offers discreet services to discriminating clients whose success depends on access to the right information.

Operating in unfamiliar territory involves inherent risk to both safety and assets. Before corporations or individuals consider ventures in locations where they have limited knowledge, understanding the situation on the
ground is critical. 

Through the use of extensive human networks and real time data collection, OmniPresent Solutions, Inc. can provide a thorough analysis of the specific location where you want to do business or travel.

Our team of discrete and quiet professionals have honed and developed their understanding of risk management through years of real world experience operating in South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

We are driven by a commitment to honor, integrity, accountability and service over self, and stand ready to meet your individual and corporate needs. 


A Global Network

The safety and success of every organization starts and ends with human expertise.

the Competitive advantage